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Family Safety Network's High School Interns present the
3rd Annual Art Competition
in honor of

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month!

Below are this year's amazing submissions.  All submissions represent what 'LOVE IS...' to the artist.  

Please scroll through all the options and vote for your favorite at the bottom of the page.

Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!


"Love is...Oxytocin"



"Love is...the little moments."




"Love is...the words and writing on the woman translate to love.  The silhouette of the woman is based on the appearance and shape of my grandmother."


"Love is...complex and beautiful.  It isn't as simple as "be nice".  So in this Stained Glass piece, each petal of this blossoming flower has an important key to a healthy relationship.  The petals include: Affection (people hugging), Trust & Respect (shaking hands), Thoughtfulness (being attentive and caring for another person), Communication (people talking), Supportive (two sides of a heart being supported by each side), and Patience (a clock: things take time and that's ok)."



"Love is...not a weapon."


"Love, togetherness, and fun."


"Love friends."


IMG_4109 (1)_edited.jpg

"Love choose to care for someone, even in their darkest moments.  Attraction alone cannot keep a relationship alive.  Loving somebody is a fine line to walk, especially as they grow and change, but it can yield some of the most meaningful relationships."


angelina (love is our journey) (5)
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Love is...our journey.
"This song follows the story of a teenage girl looking back on her childhood, and the imaginary friend she used to have, Angelina.  Her and Angelina had an incredible relationship, especially since this young girl did not have perfect relationships with those around her. This was a blessing, but as she got older, it began to decay her expectations. Soon, every relationship that wasn’t perfect became a burden. One day, as the song describes, a certain experience helps the girl realize that love is one of the strongest powers on the earth. Once she realizes this, all her answers seem to fall into place. She starts to cultivate lasting, worthwhile relationships with not only those around her, but herself. These relationships aren’t perfect, but that’s what makes them all the more beautiful. That is why my answer to the prompt is, Love is our Journey"


"Love is...layered."



"Love is..."


"Love is..."

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